Saturday, 29 June 2013

USS Blue Ridge visits Darwin

This morning the USS Blue Ridge sailed into Darwin Harbour with all the crew standing on the deck. It was very impressive. There is a crew of 52 officers and 750 enlisted personnel.

The Blue Ridge is the command ship of the US Seventh Fleet and they provide support including IT and communications. I interpret this as spying, but I could be wrong. Spying, or surveillance, probably is rather important if you have a huge military force. I read that it also specialises in Logistics, which is more like moving people and things to the right place at the right time.

There have been three US naval ships with this name. This ship was launched in 1969 so is getting on in years. Nevertheless Blue Ridge is expected to remain at work until 2039. It's big and was moving quite fast this morning. The length is just under 200 metres and the beam (width) is 33 metres.

The Blue Ridge has just come from east Timor where it was involved in a training exercise with East Timorese and Indonesian sailors.

There are quite a few websites mentioning this ship and I found the following tidbits.
  • BLUE RIDGE carries enough food to feed the crew for 90 days and can transport supplies to support an emergency evacuation of 3,000 people.
  • BLUE RIDGE has accommodations for more than 250 officers, 1,200 enlisted men and 100 enlisted females.


  1. Good Morning Louise, Your post this morning brought back memories this morning for me. My son was stationed on the Blue Ridge when he was in the Navy. His dream was to get to see as many countries as possible and yours was one of them. So both he and my daughter-in-law both got to see some of it. She live on a flower farm on the west coast with a family for a summer. They both were impress. I love to listen to people talk from down under. Have a wonderful day. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend

  2. What a small world it is some days.
    When I went shopping this morning I saw and heard many young American voices. Many of these men had those short short haircuts favoured by US defence force personnel too. Hmmm. Lots of European backpackers in town as well as grey nomads, the old people who come to a warmer winter.


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