Thursday, 6 June 2013

Verdi concert

The Darwin Chorale participated in a concert of Verdi pieces at the weekend. I sang with the altos and we performed the Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves, the Anvil Chorus and Brindisi. It was lots of fun. Everything was in Italian this time.

Imagine us under the stars on a tropical night with palm trees and wildlife. Yes, the bats did make a bit of noise; they seemed to be enjoying the music. I am guessing that we had an audience of about three thousand. Some ladies were dressed beautifully in evening gowns. Some audience members wore jeans.
This was during the tech rehearsal,
when the technicians adjust the lights and the microphones..
The symphony orchestra has a new conductor Matthew Wood who has come to us from Covent Garden. Long way? He needed to be closer to his aging parents. Matthew is an inspiring conductor and he demands a very high standard. We all did better under his guidance.
James Egglestone

Emma Matthews
The guest soloists were Emma Matthews, a soprano, and James Egglestone, a tenor. I must admit that when James sang La donne e mobile I was truly taken to another world. He sang it to one of the ladies in the audience, and at the end of the concert he gave his flowers to her.

Emma wore the most amazing gowns, like a fairytale princess. She was the image of the dazzling opera diva, except she is totally charming and relaxed. Her husband and children were tagging along. It is nice to see that family relationships can still be part of the opera world.

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