Friday, 28 June 2013

Was it a coup?

Julia Gillard
who has been deposed as Prime Minister.
Here we sit with a political mess all around. I love my country and hope it will remain a haven of peace and opportunity for the people. But I am beginning to understand why revolutions happen. What has just happened to our democratic process?

Question: Who is running this country???
Answer: Journalists.
Kevin Rudd who had been Prime Minister
 and now is so again.

We had a Prime Minister.

The journalists who were too lazy to bother reporting real events decided to invent polls and say she was unpopular.
Did anyone ever actually take part in these polls? Not me. Not anyone I know. I truly doubt that they ever actually happened.
There is a law in this country called The Shield Law that protects journalists from identifying the sources of their information. I believe that journalists are hiding behind this law and now we have the result - a kick in the teeth for democracy and the ordinary citizens who vote for their politicians. I doubt that a significant sample of citizens were surveyed. I doubt the veracity of the polls.

Eventually the journalists created a wave that grew in magnitude. Screeching hyenas. Squeaky wheels that gain attention.

The Prime Minister was deposed.

A new Prime Minister was installed. Actually a previously-deposed Prime Minister who denied he wanted the top job. Hmmm.
These are possibly journalists. Playing jokes with the country.
Actually they are a troupe of clowns. So similar.
The photo comes from

The journalists are gloating.

I give it one week before they start again with the same game called, "Let's Invent Some News Because We Want All The Power".

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