Thursday, 4 July 2013

What a road!!!

My sister sent me this (without the music) and I thought it might interest others too especially if you have no chance of ever seeing this in person. I get car sick, sea sick, air sick, and more so I know I will never travel along this road. This clip is from Youtube.

Tianmen Mountains are in the northern Hunan Province of China, near the city of Dayong. (Many people are confused by the name Tianmen that is similar to the famous Tiananmen Square, in Bejing, thousands of miles away) 
To reach the summit you can take the Tongtian (avenue toward heaven) highway which has 99 sharp turns. At its end you have to climb the Tianti (ladder to heaven) stairs which has 999 steps. It is perhaps one way to reach heaven, scared to death by the road and out of breath from climbing!
But all the effort is worthwhile.

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  1. Good Morning Louise, It was hard enough for me to go on a ski lift or up Pike's Peak, but there is no way you would get me to ride or drive up either place in a car to reach the top and definitely not there. I have flown and it did get easier each time that I flew, but I don't really like heights. Your fireworks are pretty. They celebrated Tuesday night at the nursing home. They had the traditional food and fireworks for the patients and family. I was there with hubby, who has been there since October. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.


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