Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Darwin Cup 2013

We are in the midst of our racing season here. Horse racing. People come from interstate and also very remote places for this time of the year. This may mean a three day drive each way for some, or even longer if families stop for a break along the journey.

Hotels are jammed to capacity. People are even sleeping in parks and on footpaths.

We kicked up our heels at the Royal Darwin Show a week or so back. There have been several balls for those with social lives and money to burn. (Tickets for the Cup Ball were $450 each and 3 000 tickets sold very quickly indeed.) Concerts. Plays. Ballet. Opera. Special activities for Seniors. Parties. Batchelor had its Lingalonga Festival. Soon the Darwin Festival begins. And lots of horse racing with all that goes alongside that. Fashions on the Field. Ladies Day. Fancy breakfasts. Sooo much social activity.

Until yesterday during race 6.

Simone Montgomerie
Our biggest race meeting of the year was going very well. Men in suits, extremely unusual in this climate. Ladies dressed to the highest standard. Salons were open in the early morning for last minute hair dos. Pavilions for paying clients at the track. Competitions generating excitement. Bookmakers busy. Excellent catering. Massive crowd. Races were terrific. Happy punters.

During race 6 though a jockey fell from her horse, was trampled by the field, and died.

The meeting was then cancelled. Lots of tears. Distressed jockeys. Anxious turf club officials. Onlookers crying. A pall of gloom descended on the entire city. Investigations and inquiries were begun.

The jockey, Simone Mongomerie, was highly regarded and had been doing extremely well this season. She is a huge loss to the racing community here. A ghastly death. She leaves behind a husband and a young daughter.

My daughter used to work at the race track. The horse racing industry is filled with so many dangers for horses and people. My heart is filled with sorrow for all involved in this case.


  1. Hi Louise, I know the dangers of horses, but I have two grandson's who love them and showing them this summer. I watched the younger of the two go sailing off his horse. Thank goodness nothing got broke just got the wind knocked out of him. It hasn't kept him off his horse. I watch them over the weekend. I always like seeing pictures of the hats worn at our Kentucky Derby. It is heart breaking about the jockey's death.
    At the last horse show, one of the horses rared and fell on the rider breaking his hip. I am glad I didn't see it because it would have upset me even though I didn't know him. Have a great day. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

  2. So sad to learn about Simone.

    She is from the region where I was born, the Far West Coast of South Australia. She will be sadly missed by her family :(

    Sorry to hear you were at the races that day. Just tragic!



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