Monday, 30 September 2013

Just another pun

I love simple jokes. Puns are probably my favourites. Simple, like me. Denigrated by those who imagine they are smart. Gotta love em.

Sunday, 29 September 2013


My garden consists of a few pot plants on the verandah, including some adenium. Its real name is Adenium obesum and it is from the desert regions of Africa. We call them Desert Rose around here, although the real desert rose is the floral emblem of the Northern Territory and looks nothing like adenium. Other names for this plant are mock azalea and impala lily.

If you travel through Indonesia you will see this plant in many formal settings. It prefers bright light and very little water so is well suited to business premises. It is common in gardens here in Darwin in spite of our Wet Season, and is especially popular as a pot plant around cafes and restaurants.

The weather is just right lately and the flowers are gorgeous.

I started with just one, a gift from a great-niece, and I have struck quite a few cuttings over the years. Mine have been invaded by a few pests over the years, mostly aphids, hence the pruning and striking from cuttings. Adenium can be grown from seed although I have never done that. The seed pods are black and about 8 cm long. The seeds are black and about half the size of a peppercorn. If you grow the plant from seed it develops a swollen bulbous trunk (caudex). If you grow it from a cutting this will not happen.

The sap is white and sticky and is poisonous. Apparently in parts of Africa the sap was used on arrow tips for killing game. This might possibly be from a different variety or species, but I am not going to lick this sap off my finger or scratch my eye!!!

Here is a link so you can read more, this time from a botanist. Click through the photos of the plants in the wild.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

A quiz from the past

When I was a teenager some girls were described as "bad girls". They were not bad by today's standards in Australian society; actually they were probably more morally upright than many girls today. Miley Syrus could learn a lot from them!!

Who or what was a bad girl? A bad girl made other people feel jealous of her thirst for life.

  1. A bad girl wore really high heels when she was still too young. (She was probably more physically suited to this than the older women with bunions and varicose veins.)
  2. A bad girl kissed boys. She might even kiss and tell. And now we had magazines full of this!
  3. A bad girl wore tight clothes that showed her figure. Cue: final scene in Grease.
  4. A bad girl spoke loudly.
  5. A bad girl stayed out late at night.

Here is a quiz so you can check if you are still a bad girl. At least you might be bad now if you did not have the chance in the past.

I did this quiz. Oh, how I wasted those opportunities! But wait, I am not dead yet. Must try harder.
A quiz, taken from a Pageant Magazine, from 1948:

Here are eight questions and statements.  Under each one, simply put a check mark by the answer that tells the truth about yourself.

(a) I think kissing is all right.
       1.  After the first evening with a date.
       2.  When I am sure that he is a regular fellow.
       3.  When I really love him.
       4.  When he is engaged to me.

(b) It is all right to go on an overnight trip with a boy:
       1.  Sure, why not?
       2.  If we trust each other.
       3.  If others are along.
       4.  Never.

(c)  It is all right to date other boys even if I am engaged
       1.  Why shouldn't I?
       2.  I ought to keep meeting other boys.
       3.  Only if I'm not sure of my fiancĂ©.
       4.  Never.

(d)  A married woman should not be forgiven if she is unfaithful:
      1.  That's old-fashioned; she has as much right as a man.
      2.  Sometimes she can't help it.
      3.  It is a serious offence.
      4.  She simply shouldn't be unfaithful.

(e)  Would you permit yourself to be picked up?
      1.  Naturally.
      2.  If I felt like it, yes.
      3.  Only if the man is not alone.
      4.  Not at all.

(f)  Would you go to a man's apartment?
      1.  Why not?
      2.  If I felt like it.
      3.  Only if I knew him very well.
      4.  Never.

(g)  Would you go out with a married man?
      1.  I don't see why not.
      2.  If he particularly appealed to me.
      3.  Only under special circumstances.
      4.  Never.

(h)  Would you accept a gift of money from a man?
      1.  Yes, if he can afford it.
      2.  If he really wants to help out.
      3.  Only if I need it desperately.
      4.  Never.

The scores on each point run from 1 to 4.  Since there are eight questions, the highest score you can get is 32, the lowest 8.

The best score therefore would really be from 23 to 25, showing just enough restraint mixed with courageous feelings about moral questions.

If your score is from 26 to 32, you may consider yourself extremely moral -- or else over-inhibited.

A score from 14 to 21 will reflect a girl liberal in views, but not necessarily bad.

A score from 8 to 13 reflects a girl who needs stricter moral codes.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

I went to Brisbane and found far too many chocolate shops. I also found this. The grammar is not completely correct, the calories will ruin the waistline, but the spirit is uplifting.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Back again

Life has been rather busy these past few weeks but now the view looks better.

I realised that the job that pays the rent had become the job that destroys my spirit.

I was working part-time as a kitchen hand in a big kitchen on a defence force base. Usually that was fun, but then our mess had to combine with two other messes because some of the defence force staff were involved in courses. The result was that my shifts changed dramatically. Fun disappeared. My real life disappeared. The job began to grind me into dirt. So I resigned.
Now I do not have as much play-around money but I can enjoy my life.
Money? Kitchen hands are paid the lowest legal rate in Australia. I was working for less than $20 per hour. The money earned was extra income and we used it for luxuries; I have superannuation for day to day expenses.
Employer? A really good employer and I have no complaints.
Workplace? The work was easy in the combined messes. My co-workers were interesting. Some had accumulated substantial wealth through clever investments and effort. Some worked two jobs or even more. While their levels of formal education were generally low they had wide life experience and most spoke at least three languages. The defence force staff were extremely nice people - I guess other people are carefully weeded out at recruitment.

But the changing shifts and rosters meant that I was no longer free to do the things that feed my soul. So here I am again, living simply but happily. I have learned valuable lessons about low-paid work and about work-life balance.

I still have a couple of students that I tutor. I am going back to study at university again. I am making a new quilt top. Life is delicious again. Einstein's joke hits the target.

Monday, 2 September 2013

Fathers Day

We celebrated Fathers Day here yesterday.

Our son had posted a parcel and it arrived on Friday. This was duly opened at breakfast time. Rhys knows a lot about chocolate and sent some single source products from M Truffe the famous Melbourne chocolatier.
This is definitely the place to find very fine chocolate products indeed. Much appreciated.

Our daughter took us to a cabaret show in the afternoon. It was La Soiree who were here for the Darwin Festival and are internationally known. If you get the chance then go as fast as you can to this show. It is not for children and contains nudity and raunchy songs, but we loved every minute. During the festival the show was presented under the stars but yesterday it was in a theatre. Huge crowd.

We followed that with dinner at an Italian restaurant.

The local supermarket had some pretty orchids for sale and I bought one to help the celebrations. It is described as a moth orchid. We have not been very smart with orchids in the past so here is our big chance to do better.