Sunday, 15 September 2013

Back again

Life has been rather busy these past few weeks but now the view looks better.

I realised that the job that pays the rent had become the job that destroys my spirit.

I was working part-time as a kitchen hand in a big kitchen on a defence force base. Usually that was fun, but then our mess had to combine with two other messes because some of the defence force staff were involved in courses. The result was that my shifts changed dramatically. Fun disappeared. My real life disappeared. The job began to grind me into dirt. So I resigned.
Now I do not have as much play-around money but I can enjoy my life.
Money? Kitchen hands are paid the lowest legal rate in Australia. I was working for less than $20 per hour. The money earned was extra income and we used it for luxuries; I have superannuation for day to day expenses.
Employer? A really good employer and I have no complaints.
Workplace? The work was easy in the combined messes. My co-workers were interesting. Some had accumulated substantial wealth through clever investments and effort. Some worked two jobs or even more. While their levels of formal education were generally low they had wide life experience and most spoke at least three languages. The defence force staff were extremely nice people - I guess other people are carefully weeded out at recruitment.

But the changing shifts and rosters meant that I was no longer free to do the things that feed my soul. So here I am again, living simply but happily. I have learned valuable lessons about low-paid work and about work-life balance.

I still have a couple of students that I tutor. I am going back to study at university again. I am making a new quilt top. Life is delicious again. Einstein's joke hits the target.

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