Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Jamie Durie

Fabulous smile and dimples, Jamie.
Last night I went to a presentation by Jamie Durie. It was part of October Business Month here in the NT and was attended by about a thousand people. Jamie had done the same show in Alice Springs in the morning and the evening show was live streamed to Katherine as well.

Jamie Durie is a very engaging speaker and he spoke mainly of his business values. He briefly mentioned his earlier career as a dancer, and his studies. I noted that he was very proud of his extremely high marks for horticulture and landscape architecture.

Jamie still looks good for his age,
just not quite this good.
Jamie seems tall on television but in real life he is quite short, about the same height as me. I would guess he is about 170cm tall at the most. He demonstrated a couple of backflips, one of his trademarks. He smiles all the time, and it is a very nice smile indeed. During the presentation he walked down into the audience and spoke directly to people, joking around a bit. Afterwards Jamie allowed about half an hour to talk to and be photographed with audience members.

What did I learn? Jamie Durie works very hard. He is probably ADHD which helps him go without sleep. He runs a business with many branches and dabbles in many pies. I would guess he does not refuse any business opportunity. Jamie Durie is a natural born businessman, but he works at getting better all the time. Jamie Durie is a really good example to emulate of you want to succeed in business.

Here is a link to his home page. It is not perfectly up-to-date, but it is satisfactory.

If you feel nosy, here is his facebook page.

Dancing with the Stars

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