Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Not as smart as I imagined

A little while back I made a new shopping bag. I have learned something from the experience.

There is a panel on the side of hand woven silk from Cambodia and that's hand beaded. The floral fabric is from India. Inside I made a large zippered pocket on one side and two small pockets on the other. The big pocket is for a purse and to keep some shopping separate. The small pockets are for my keys and phone. I even added a row of beading around the top as a form of top-stitching. I thought I was so clever.

Not so smart. I decided on the size of the bag because of the beaded silk panel that I had bought. Big mistake. The bag does not fit on the packing spaces at the supermarket checkout. It also bumps into things because it is too long when carried over my shoulder. The zip pocket is useful but the small pockets are too high and when the bag folds the contents spill. My intention was that the bag would be washable but ironing it afterwards so it looks neat can be challenging.

I have learned lots. Consider where something will be used. Small beads and shopping bags do not work well together. Consider the housekeeping aspects. Shopping for meat makes a mess. Consider weight and mass. Phones should be placed where they will not accidentally fall on the floor. While the bag is definitely pretty, remember the adage Handsome is as handsome does.

So now I have a rather deluxe bag for holding unfinished craft projects.

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  1. Oh that is beautiful - I love that beaded fabric. It is way too pretty to be used as a grocery bag....


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