Friday, 25 October 2013

Someone else's family

Today I have seen a few photos of the christening of Prince George, the son of Kate and William. I think this one is wonderful. It shows love, tenderness, pride, respect for the past and hope for the future.
Here are four generations of the same family. This is the line of inheritance for the monarchy of Great Britain, and thus the British Commonwealth. Elizabeth, Charles, William, and then George.
The baby is wearing a robe that has been handed down for generations. Everyone in this photo wore this robe for their christening. Laundering that heirloom will be a challenge I expect.

I did not take the photo of course; I found it on the internet after I saw it on TV. This family are a rather reserved bunch compared to other royal families, but see how like every family they are too.

Added later: I have since found out that the christening robe worn in this photo is a modern reproduction of the original garment. The old one was too delicate for use.

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