Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Time for a little pick-me-up

Lexi, the boss of the household
Our much indulged cat is having a whole day of blood tests at the vet today. Lexi is not responding well to her insulin. She was not happy about missing breakfast. Hugely unhappy.

I have been making a new quilt top for the very worn quilt on our bed. Used a pattern. Not quite the right size. Need to think carefully about the next few steps. I just love those patterns that say, "Make a quilt on one day". It never works that way for me. Very fortunate to have some time for this, just not today.

Tutoring my favourite student this afternoon. A sweet kid. Afterwards I get to battle bumper-to-bumper traffic full of tradesmen screaming home after work. They test the road rules. Yes, there is a speed limit, but it must be for someone else.

Choir practice tonight. Love that. We are rehearsing Handel's Messiah for a couple of performances at Christmas time. If you ever have the chance to learn this music then do it. So beautiful. By the end I am floating on air.

Somewhere in among that I need to fit my real life - you know, the one where the housework is done. Those invisible good elves must have forgotten where I live. Perhaps they spend too much time on their iPads.

So I saw this photo and wondered if I might have time for this. Never heard of the brand, but ...

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  1. Hi Louise, Why is it that something will look really simple that you think hey I can do that. When you try it is not as easy as it may seem. We learn something new each day. I didn't think about cats being diabetic so I learned something today. Our fall time of the year is here. The temperatures drop at night and warm up in the afternoon. Your post about the ships made me think of my son when he was in the Navy. Your music will be beautiful at Christmas time. It will be here before we are ready. Have a wonderful day. Hugs and Prayers from a Missouri Friend


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