Monday, 14 October 2013

Would you like rampant children with that?

This is one of the verandahs
at the cafe in question.
Lately we have had meaningful discussions around town concerning children and cafes.

  • Young mothers like to meet their friends at cafes. That's fine. 
  • They like to bring their children. That might be fine. 
  • The children do not always behave well. Some children are noisy. The other patrons become annoyed.
  • The cafe staff find the situation unsafe. Youngsters running about are dangerous while waitstaff carry trays of drinks and food to tables. This breaches Health and Safety regulations.
  • The cafe management tries to deal with the situation by requesting better supervision of the children. Polite signs are posted on doors. Parents are spoken to. Some people are asked to leave. The mothers scream and rant.
  • The press catches the story. Uproar.

Everyone wants this with their girl talk.
The general public supported the cafe management, staff, and owners. The recalcitrant mothers retreated taking their rampant little devils with them.

Now, the particular cafe where it all started is once more a quiet and relaxing place to enjoy a light meal and a chat. Other businesses around town are also reaping the benefits that come from well-behaved.
I am the centre of the universe.

I believe that visiting a cafe or restaurant is not a right but a privilege for children. Certainly there are times in modern life when a takeaway or fast meal becomes a necessity for families. But children actually have to learn the standards of behaviour that are acceptable in different settings. So do the mothers and anyone else who is with the children. Polite behaviour is not automatic.

The gardens are popular for weddings and parties.
Yes, that is a dinosaur scupture, just one of many.
One mother complained that she wanted to take her handicapped child (autistic) out and this was a cause of complaint. I really think that there was no discrimination in her case. I think that if child is unable to behave well in this particular cafe then she could take the child to a different venue where his behaviour would not prove intrusive to others. Maybe this child is not ready or is unable to go to a cafe at all for their entire life. It happens. After all I do not know the correct behaviours for a dog fight or a hiphop dance class, so I do not go. Some people avoid the opera and symphony concerts for similar reasons. There are many factors to be considered.

How do you feel when you go out and there are noisy and active children? What sort of allowances do people make in your area? How tolerant are you? Should the parents act before the children become amateur tyrants?

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  1. Hi Louise, Our kids were taught from a very young age that if they didn't behave you did not get to go with mom and dad. They were taught that they did not get down and run, throw their food on the floor, did not cry or scream or they would have a baby sitter the next time we went out. We had our favorite restaurant and they spoiled us. When they were tiny babies, they took them and passed them around while we ate our supper. They watched our children grow up from infant to adult. Now they are watching their children do the same thing. Sometimes you wonder just how the parent was brought up. I do like a quiet meal and I have watched when the mother and father just plane ignored the child that can be a lot of the problem. I should say we assume they are the parents of the child, but with so many parents not married it is hard to tell anymore. To many live together and have children, but don't want the responsibility of them. I sorry I shall get off my soap box, but you hit a sore spot as you can tell. Have a wonderful day. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.


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