Saturday, 2 November 2013

Built in kitchen appliance

This photo shows a built in kitchen appliance that might initially appeal to many Aussie households. Except for the price tag, and the ethical issues. I have this permanent idea in my head that wine is a luxury item and if thirsty I should drink water.

If people have beer fridges outside and wine fridges inside then why not have this little number to keep the cook happy.

Who needs four bottles of wine opened and ready to go? Are there really people too lazy to pour a glass of wine from a bottle for themselves. What is the environmental cost of running such an appliance?

Here is a review I found on the internet:   The Dacor Discovery DYWS4 WineStation allows for opened bottles of wine to be stored and preserved for up to 60 days. The home wine-serving station uses argon gas to stop oxygenation and allows opened wine bottles to be tapped and always available with a press of a button (and a glass). The unit measures about 20 inches across, stands less than 30 inches tall, and has a depth of 16 inches. It can be used in a standalone countertop configuration or it could be installed as a built-in. (So yes, some commitment required; not to mention its approximately $5K price tag.)
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I have never seen this appliance. I do not know if it is readily available here in Oz. This is not a paid sponsorship or anything like that. I would not buy one. I was sent the photo and I investigated the idea. Now I am sharing with you how the too-rich spend their money.

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