Saturday, 23 November 2013

Cyclone Alessia 2013 and me

This map shows the predicted path for Cyclone Alessia. It has been developing over the last few days, off the West Australian coast. It might strike us, but I doubt it. Nevertheless, we are already on Cyclone Watch. This means we prepare our kits and get ready.

I must bring in the pot plants and outdoor furniture from the verandah this morning. Anything that can not be brought inside must be very firmly anchored in place. This is a big job.

We live 22 floors up. You haven't lived until you have watched the cyclonic wind and rain from inside a high rise building, heard the noise, and waited for the glass windows and doors to smash. The glass does not break of course; it is thicker than in ground level houses. The doors and windows shake. The building shakes a bit. The wind roars. Anything outside is whipped into submission. Then you look down at the street and everything seems so calm down there. You wonder why you are apprehensive and you wonder if your name is really Sir Cowardly Custard.

It is predicted that Cyclone Alessia could strike Darwin on Monday morning. That sounds like a long time to prepare, but there are building sites with equipment, animals to be considered, homeless people, and a range of business and transport issues. All buildings here are constructed to a code, even garden sheds. They are firmly anchored from the roof to the ground. The big problem is debris of course. There are official Cyclone shelters for people who live in caravans or who have substandard accommodation. We are advised to be self sufficient for up to 72 hours, although here in the city area conditions are better.

Yesterday I went to Spotlight. So did hundreds of other women, all planning on sewing through the weekend. The DVD  sales will be pretty high today as well I expect. And beer, lots of beer.

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