Sunday, 3 November 2013


Sometimes I feel useless. The chips are down. My spirits are low. Life is heavy.

Then the next day I wake up and my entire perspective has changed. The sun is cheerful. My home is sheltering. My worries are ready to be overcome. I can do it. At least I can do things well enough to be me.

I was bogged down by a computer problem a few days ago. So hard. Aaagh! I tried for hours.

So I went to visit my friend who makes her living from computers. Problem solved. But as Sandra worked on my computer she noticed some of my collection of strange photos. (Idiosyncratic rather than strange.) Soon Sandra was chuckling outrageously. This one particularly amused her. I thought I had shared it before, but maybe not. I hope you get a chuckle too, just like Sandra.

Today Life is just right. A cheerful day, spirits raised. My marriage is not the clubs and spades type; we are well matched and will go on for the rest of our days. Two hearts beating together, not the same tune but similar. I hope you have the same good fortune.

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