Sunday, 24 November 2013

Still in cyclone mode

This photo is from Sky News.
My building is the blocky one on the right.
We have been watching the weather like hawks. Patchy rain and storms, thunder and lightning, strong winds, big clouds, and periods of blue sky and sunshine. A mixture. It is only a Category 1 cyclone.

Alessia has changed direction slightly. We are now expecting gale force winds between midnight and dawn tonight. The worst will be near Port Keats, and we will just get the tail. Schools will be open tomorrow and it will be business as usual.There is no need for anyone here to go to a public shelter. Different for Port Keats of course.

My home looks like a plant nursery with as many plants inside as could be done. The outdoor furniture is now cluttering the lounge-dining room. The verandah looks naked and small.

The shops have done good business as we all made sure we had our cyclone kits ready. What are we expected to pack? Here is one list that was suggested by the local newspaper.

The photo is from NASA.
We get excellent weather forecasts.
Fuel for the car.
A waterproof torch with plenty of batteries, candles and waterproof matches.
Portable radio.
Blankets or sleeping bags.
Strong plastic bags.
10 litres of water per person.
Special needs and medications.
Change of clothes.
Books, games, playing cards.
Masking tape.
Portable stove and cooking gear.
First Aid kit.
Copies of important family documents. Copy of the household plan. ????
Pet supplies.

Then they expect you to carry food for five days as well. It is all itemised as ridiculously as that list above.

My summary: pack the car with your camping gear, insurance documents, and your passport. Count your blessings.

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