Saturday, 28 December 2013

Quilting friend

A lovely thing happened to me.
Cathy Miller in the parkland at the waterfront in Darwin

I read a blog written by a woman I met about twenty years ago. Cathy Miller was a singer. Then she developed into a song writer. It was not long before Cathy started writing songs with groups of people and teaching them to become song writers and performers. This led her to work with a group of quilters and thus she was drawn into quilting. Now, the music is a sideline and Cathy teaches quilting in a big way.

How did we meet? I went to some quilting lessons here in sunny Darwin. Among the group was this charming Canadian woman who had come here because her husband had a contract as an engineer for a year or so. He was busy; she was champing at the bit to do something meaningful. She sang as she sewed.

Earlier this year I came across a blog called Cathy Miller the Singing Quilter.   Cathy Miller The Singing Quilter  I recognised her from a photo on the blog and soon became interested in her travels and achievements. And she travels!

Cathy often bursts into song while she is working at quilt festivals. And when she teaches. Here is one of her youtube clips.

A week or so back Cathy mentioned in her blog that she would be in Darwin so we arranged to meet for a cuppa. Wet day. Not the slightest bit sunny and tropical. But Cathy and her husband John turned up and we chatted for about an hour. Such lovely people.

So if you come across Cathy's work somewhere, or her classes and courses, I truly recommend that you go along and give it a go.

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