Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Christmas Day 2013

Did you hold the camera crooked
or is the world slip-sliding away?
So... what about Christmas pyjamas??? Useful? Not if made of Christmas print fabric, but doubtless lots of fun.
Found a pattern. Bought some festive fabric. Found some awesome lace stashed away for a rainy day. (Luckily it was raining.) Finally I felt in the mood.
Wore them last night. A bit big, but so am I around those abs. Totally kitsch. Awesomely bogan.

It is rather damp, cool and cloudy around here as we wait at the edge of another tropical cyclone. Very comfortable for wearing good clothes and makeup.
Everything is in place for a great day.

We will be using the good dishes, the napery that almost needed a mortgage to pay for it, eating food that I would not normally even consider, and generally celebrating.
There is so much fancy food it will take until New Years Day to wade through it all.
English cheese in a little crock. Popcorn with macadamias. French champagne delivered by courier. Pudding, two different custards, cake, nuts, cream flavoured with champagne, muffins, stone fruit, mince pies.
Gifts galore. Travel books. DVDs. A spray bottle of Arpege, my favourite perfume. How did we get so lucky?!?!

Telephone calls and texts are flying thick and fast as family and friends discuss gifts and arrangements for the day. My daughter-in-law has forty-eight uncles and aunts so a huge party is on in Melbourne for all of them. My son was so lucky falling in love with that wonderful girl. My daughter's mother-in-law has flown her family to Tasmania to celebrate together. One of my sisters-in-law is at a party combining Christmas and a wedding. Another spectacular affair.

This sounds like I am humungously wealthy. No. Usually life is very simple. Penny pinching. Toast and vegemite with instant coffee. It just all came together for this one day of a lifetime.

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