Tuesday, 31 December 2013

New Years Eve

Are you thinking about New Year resolutions?
Are you planning a party for this evening?
Are you falling about exhausted because of the extreme heat?

There is a lesson here.
Tonight I will be strolling down to the Darwin waterfront where there will be a fabulous fireworks display for families at 9.30 this evening. This is free entertainment and a huge party atmosphere is created with bands, singers, comedians and dancers performing from about six o'clock until midnight. Expecting a big crowd. We went last year and loved it. There are restaurants, coffee shops, pubs and hotels where food and drinks may be bought, but families are encouraged to picnic on the lawn. The entertainment area is alcohol and glass free, and professional security staff assist with this. Another fireworks display will occur at midnight but by then I will be snoring in my own bed.

Tomorrow I will make one or two New Year resolutions, something I have not done for many years. New Year resolutions? Still trying to decide. Perhaps I need to be more like Kermit and a little less grim.

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