Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Xmas Pud

I have been indulging a little this Christmas season.
It almost seems as the Battle of the Puddings has been taking place.

Last weekend we had a Christmas dinner with our daughter and her partner. Presents. Toasts. Turkey, cranberry sauce, roast vegetables, Christmas pudding with brandy custard, and home made chocolates. Champagne for those who like it; beer and water for the others. Excellent.

Did I make the pudding? No, I bought one from the supermarket. No special brand or anything, just the supermarket line. It was really good. This pud had a preserved pear in the middle and was extra fruity. Heated it in the microwave. It came with edible gold stars to sprinkle on top. More than enough for four adults. Would serve eight easily. Looked marvellous. Tasted great.

Now what to serve for the real Christmas dinner? I found this Jamie Oliver pudding at a different supermarket. You have some strong competition Jamie.

Have I ever made my own Christmas pudding? Yes, several times, in cloth and in a metal dish. I do not think they were particularly good though. Last year we bought one of Heston's with the preserved orange in the middle. It was good too, but is not available this year. Maybe next year I will try harder and create something extra special; in the meantime though my wallet can do the work.

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