Sunday, 26 January 2014

A Big Day

Well, I was wrong about the 2014 Australian of the Year.

That honour goes to Adam Goodes a very successful sportsman. Adam hit the headlines last year when he experienced racism in a very public display. He is attempting to do something about it. I wish him luck. Bullying and racism are taught to children by our choices in entertainment, by family behaviour, and by society at large. Of course it would be wonderful if racism was eliminated, but we see it in action every day on the TV news. It is the source of so much dreadful behaviour. On the other hand Adam Goodes has also earned his Australia Day honours by his talent and dedication on the AFL sporting field. He is exceptionally good at his job. Thousands of people admire his skill in competition and his attitudes to the game. A healthy lifestyle when so many other young men choose drugs or alcohol is definitely to be admired.

2014 Ute Run, just before the start.
We went in the Australia Day Fun Run this morning. Thousands of people participated; most of us walked the 5 km. It was a lovely morning, not too hot or humid. Started at seven o'clock and took a leisurely hour. Lots of families took part. At one point there was a drone overhead, but I think that was taking photos for the local newspaper.

The big local event today was the Ute Run. Hundreds of cars. The idea is to decorate your ute. Flags. Nonsense. Dress up. Admire everyone else's vehicle. Drive in a stately fashion along the route. Party strongly at the end. Barbeque. Act a bit like a bogan yobbo. This is another family activity. No racism or class consciousness.

There are other activities on all over the city. I was invited to several parties and barbeques, as well as a beach cricket match. I will stay home and watch some great Aussie films while I enjoy a cool drink or a cuppa.

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