Saturday, 4 January 2014

Learning something new about Christmas

I spend far too much time fiddling about on the internet. (Also known as wasting time, avoiding responsibilities, and being lazy.)

I found this interesting blog post. Click on it and take a look.
This is the lovely header on The Easily Influenced Stitcher.

Yes, The Easily Influenced Stitcher obviously knows lots about Christmas customs. Some of these I did not know. I am so ignorant about the basics; I did not even know about Candlemas. It makes sense, but perhaps children were sheltered from those images during the 50s, 60s, 70s, and more.
I really like the idea of keeping the present opening until Twelfth Night. It would be quite meaningful then; after all, I doubt there is any genuine record of gifts other than those from The Magi.
And the shops could really go berserk for so much longer.
Keeping the decorations up for longer would give so many people so much more pleasure too. The weather is always dodgy after Christmas and it takes ages to write all those thank you letters, so seeing those pretty things would be comforting.

Now, I do not really approve of too many gifts as I feel that loud displays of wealth can be a bit dodgy, but ... this lady has a different culture from mine. Things do look both lovely and loving in her home.

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