Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Year's Day 2014

Ah, those resolutions. What can I really stick with? I think that in the past year I did manage to improve my outlook on Life a bit and live more of the lifestyle I truly want. A bit. So this year I will continue with two aspects of that.

Firstly, I will do better at looking after my appearance. This is always dreadfully difficult due to all that conditioning as a child when we were solemnly taught that we must not be vain. Humility and service to others were the big issues at that time. I will work to overcome this deeply-ingrained philosophy by caring more for my body so that it lasts the distance with as few problems as possible. Skin. Waistline. Flexibility. Bones. Not selfish MeTime, but healthy care. Phew! That resolution is a biggie.

Secondly, I will learn more business skills. My small business is as busy as I can deal with now, but if I develop better business knowledge then it could grow and be more effective.

Well, can I stick with these? Will I?

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