Friday, 31 January 2014

Tropical Paradise

Tropical trees are shallow rooted.
In soggy windy conditions they blow over.
(Photo Xavier La Canna)
During the night Cyclone Dylan changed direction and crossed the coast south of Bowen instead of at Townsville. Smaller town, less damage to people and infrastructure. Winds were still 140km per hour though. That's the situation with cyclones; they can change direction at any time. The winds will ease and the flooding will subside. Volunteers will appear from nowhere and over the next few days life will return to normal. The worst is over and my friends in Townsville know they were lucky.

It has been cool and overcast for days here. A trifle more than overcast actually. We have had 575mm rain this month already which is about 20% more than the average. (Yes, that is more than half a metre.) But it has not rained every day, only 22 days out of 31! Our wettest January ever was in 1995 when 940mm rain fell on us. Luckily for me this wet weather has not brought too many big storms but mostly a gentle drizzle. Cool days with lots of cloud cover. Hmmm, not such a sweaty body. It does mean mildew and mould in unexpected places however. This is not the time for leather shoes and handbags. Lots of cleaning. Water leaking through windows and cracks. Damp everything. The books and wooden furniture smell. Inside the cupboards and drawers can get a bit whiffy. Closed rooms smell stuffy and musty. Pests hiding and thriving on the pot plants. Ants and cockroaches searching for a dry home.
This man is standing in the water in front of the sign that warns of crocs.
His friend is on the bank of the billabong.
Just near this spot a 12 year old boy was taken by a croc last week.

Last Sunday I was able to open the windows wide and get the air circulating while the sun shone. When the humidity annoys me too much I admit I use an air conditioner for an hour or two. And yes, I finish the clothes in the dryer after some time on the verandah. Environmentally unwise, but quite practical actually. Laundry that does not dry thoroughly smells awful later.

The extra rain has brought the fishoes out in force. Terrific opportunity to catch something really big and delicious. The favourite fish here is barramundi. And driving to the best spots is at least half the fun. Boggy tracks. Mud. Water running over the road. The billabongs and creeks are full. And the crocs are loving it too. Crocs are protected and some here in the Top End have grown to more than 4 metres.

Today's maximum temperature will not hit 30C. Great weather for sewing, knitting, crocheting, reading, watching DVDs, and doing puzzles. And cooking. Delicious weather. What a change from the hot hot days we had earlier this month!

I know you wish for a tropical paradise. This is it. Now how is that snow today?

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