Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Easy floral arrangement

Keeping it simple but colourful
I was really pleased with this easy arrangement made with just two bromeliad blooms yesterday.

Last year I bought an orchid and it came in a square white pot. There were layers of white cellophane tucked in and the setting for the plant was just great. After the plant was moved outside I kept the pot and papers safely out of sight.

We have had plenty of bromeliad flowers this Wet Season and two more had jumped into view this weekend. A bit of oasis, a few marbles for weights and abracadabra a very pleasing sight. The green stuff grows rampant in a few pots on my verandah - do not know the name.

What variety of bromeliad? It is called Bilbergia pyramidalis. Mine grow in potting mix but they grew in the ground at our house. If you plant them near a tree they will gradually climb the tree. Very rainforest-ish and they like dappled light rather than full sun. New plants appear after a flower. Bromeliads are actually groups of flowers, not just one. If you look carefully you can see the yellow stamens of a few tube-like flowers.

This morning one of the blooms is obviously dying. It probably would have lasted longer on its plant. They only ever last a week or so, although books will tell you a month. Ha!

I probably broke, or at least bruised, most of the flower arranging rules for housewives here. Used an even number of a single colour. Casual rather than tight. The arrangement seems too short for the pot, but the papers cut that height in half so all looks balanced. This floral arrangement cost nothing, but looks just as colourful and fresh as something from a florist's. Simple is very nice thank you.

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