Sunday, 9 March 2014

Finished at last!

Had to stand on the table for this.
I finally finished this quilt.

Well, actually I had to make just a new top. The old quilt was very worn but only on the top. I cheated and had it professionally quilted. Then I added the binding.

I did truly start with a pattern, but it is our quilt not someone else's so the pattern was adapted. The fabrics are mostly souvenirs of trips and good times. The colours and fabrics are reminiscent of beaches - sand, coral, shells, rock pools, dunes, grass, trees, and little animals. Yes, memories will keep us warm.

Now it is on our bed and we look a lot better organised. Ahh. The happy housewife. Not married to the house, but the older meaning of housewife / housewifery.

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