Thursday, 20 March 2014

International Happiness Day

Today is International Happiness Day. 20th March.

I have so much to be happy about, although lately it has been excruciatingly hard to see that. The Efudix really scrambles my thoughts. Not good. But now the treated area is healing. I do not need to use the cream on that area. I hurt less. My thoughts are returning to normal. And all that stuff that nobody wants to know about.

Today I am actively pursuing happiness. I am reading a few jokes, looking at charming pictures, remembering good times, and realising just how good it is to be alive. I am the master of my ship. I can control my thoughts today. I can go forward again. (Maybe yesterday and for the weeks previous that might not have been possible, but it is now.)

I have grabbed some resources from this website. and from their facebook page. Try it for yourself.

Watch this sweet little song. I hope your thoughts will be lifted and that your day will be happier as a result.

Here is something a bit stronger.

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