Sunday, 2 March 2014

So You Think You Can Create

This morning a photo turned up in facebook and the product is so lovely I wanted to share it. No Money. No pushiness. Not selling. Not making money. Never met the artist. Just found it interesting and wanted to share. Absolutely no offence is intended to anyone.

This is the link.

This is a possum snuggled among some gum leaves.
It should take you to a site by a Russian artist. She makes felted things. Rather expensive things, but no doubt she works hard at her craft. Considering the time and effort the price is probably reasonable or low. There are bags, slippers, capes and girls' dresses to admire. Here is a taste of her work.

The artists name is Catherine Tasminskaya and she lives in Moscow. I have never been to her part of the world but I understand that Russian women like to be stylishly dressed if they can afford it.

Yes, these photos are from her website; most definitely not mine.
Such pretty little slippers.

Of course felted clothing is not practical for my lifestyle. But one never knows when I might need to buy something wonderful for somebody else.

I thought about the degrees of separation. Not expert at that yet. I sew, she sews. I live in a country with possums and gum leaves and she made a bag with these as inspiration. I like expensive things, and she creates some expensive things. There is a trail through facebook too of course.
A rather stunning set of cape and handbag.

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