Monday, 17 March 2014

St Patrick's Day

I am not of Irish heritage, not that I know at least.
My husband is. His maternal grand parents migrated from somewhere in Ireland before they had a family. Their surname was Tracy and there are still plenty of cousins carrying the name.

For those who may not know there was dreadful discrimination against the Irish in Australia in years past. This contributes to the treatment of the Kelly Gang, who of course were Irish.

These days discrimination against any ethnic groups is frowned upon, and is actually illegal. (Proof; the hard part is proof.)

Irish backpackers seem an adventurous bunch and fill many low paid employment spots around town. Irish men have been deliberately recruited to work on building projects here in the NT because they are such good employees.

So I send you Irish greetings and trust you will learn a little more about the people, their customs, and their literature.

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