Sunday, 13 April 2014

A small quilt for someone far away

More quilting when I should have been studying.This quilt is for Anne, one of my sisters-in-law who lives far away in the Blue Mountains.

Anne needed a hip replacement. Unexpected. She went to the doctor with a sore knee! One thing leads to another. So her son who lives in Kenya came home to look after his father (with multiple health conditions) so Anne could have the surgery. She was then able to spend some time in a rehabilitation hospital and get really good care. Life certainly becomes complicated.

Anne is home now and has her quilt. She has already been shopping and vacuuming and is hobbling about on walking sticks. Probably bushwalking has disappeared from her lifestyle now. A few other joints are deteriorating, the doctor said.

We made a quilt so she would be a little more comfortable. And we hope she feels our love each time the quilt is used. I say 'we' because while I stitched Michael held the fort and put up with my distracted behaviour.

Anne has a very productive vegetable garden in her back yard and flowers in the front. She ran a small nursery from home for a while. So it seemed a good idea to choose predominantly florals for this quilt. I used the disappearing nine patch pattern, but next time I try this style I will add a border or two. The binding is made from strips of the fat quarters used. The back is a blotchy tan representing the earth.

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