Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Big impact, small size

Small size, but the effect is amazing.
I found an inspiring blog by a UK artist who makes delightful embroideries, Teasemade. Small, as on buttons. Fun as with coloured birds on a white wedding dress. Now that is a big impact project. Fascinators. Brooches. Cushions. Simple designs with a big impact. 
Could anyone do this? Well, yes, if you had the ideas and the persistence and developed the skills. And were really really motivated.

Sami Teasdale likes to do interesting projects with buttons, appliqué, and hand embroidery. Amazing. Look in her Etsy shop for some of her work. You will notice an emphasis on birds, particularly blue tits. But there are owls, red cardinals, and sea gulls too.
These photos are all hers.

Scroll through a few of her posts. Especially the buttons.  I really enjoyed reading about the fascinators and other headwear she has made. OK, I really enjoyed looking at the pictures and read merely a selection.

A brooch of the button variety.
Sami is a trained teacher but works in the private sector now after a career in schools. She sells her work through her online shops and also teaches small classes face to face. Her blog has instructions for how to do similar projects, and the photos are clear.
I like to sew and embroider, but in a very simple unskilled way most of the time. This lady takes simplicity seriously.
This is a fascinator or small hat.

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