Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Flying with fears

Have you ever been nervous as the plane took off? Been cautious of a passenger? Been flying with hidden fears? Over the weekend strong publicity was given by the press here on an incident that occurred on a plane flying from Brisbane to Denpasar. It began as a hijacking.  It turned out to be a series of silly mistakes.

A young Brisbane man loves his Balinese wife. She left him. He became distraught. He decided to go to Bali to find her. He felt terrible so he took over-the-counter medications. Not a wise choice and not in the recommended dosages. He then took some air-sickness tablets because he hates flying. The combination of medications made him confused and a little unwell. On the plane he needed the toilet so he got out of his seat. Being unwell he went to the wrong door, the door of the cockpit. He waited, he felt worse, he banged on the door. The pilot interpreted this as an attempted hijacking and alerted staff on the plane and at the airport. The press also grabbed the story. The man was arrested and questioned. The story was gradually revealed. No charges were laid but he had to leave Bali immediately. He still loves his wife. He still has not found her. He now feels worse. His finances are worse too.

The story is a sad one. A series of errors. A series of fears. I wonder what other situations arise on planes that are based on fears and mistakes.

Here is a link for the story. It leads to a photo and a clearer version of this man's story.  http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-04-28/australian-who-sparked-bali-hijack-alert-may-return-home-today/5414354

Look at this photo of Rowan Atkinson, the actor, on a plane and behaving unwisely. Actually it is from a short Mr Bean film. Not real. A slapstick extension of how some people entertain a child. What would the pilot or the passengers think? Flying with fears?

If I have the details of the photo wrong I apologise.

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