Friday, 11 April 2014

Ice skating in the tropics

Yes, we are ice skating. Well, some of us are. The outside temperature is around 35 degrees Celsius and the shopping centre is air conditioned to about 27 degrees. Ice skating is a wonderful treat here. Heaven knows how much electricity this must be using!!!

Casuarina Shopping Square eatery, with ice skating.
Just a few children at a time. Well supervised.
The big shopping centre at Casuarina had an ice skating rink built for the school holidays. Children are allowed to have a short lesson with qualified instructors. A really fabulous opportunity for families who will never see this sort of thing in the outdoors.

It is noisy and popular. Neon lights. Loud music. Wow!!

Has this happened before? Sort of. Alice Springs had a similar set up over the last Christmas holidays. There was a much bigger ice skating rink at the same shopping centre when my children were small. I calculate that this was in 1988. No lessons then and anyone could hire the skates and have a turn. I am guessing that there have been OH&S changes since then and that is why only a certain number can participate at a time and with instructors.

I had to take my photo through a glass barrier. The space used by the rink usually has tables and chairs so shoppers will sit and buy meals. It is small. But extra tables have been placed upstairs. And a high glass barrier installed. Very nice really.

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