Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Living in a tropical city

I want to share with you something of my tropical city of Darwin. I have been here for more than 35 years and it is generally a pretty good place to live. Multicultural. An outdoor lifestyle most of the time. Wet dry tropics. Patches of rainforest. Patches of savannah woodland. About 90 000 people. Lovely harbour. We plant our parks for foliage and shade here, not pretty flowers.

Lately on other blogs  people are sharing video clips of towns they have visited. I love it. Yes, it is unlikely that I will actually visit the Yukon. Or see a lighthouse that looks like a picture book illustration.  Or see people wearing jeans and coats in Summer. And lots of other little things that we each take for granted about our lifestyles yet other people notice.

So I found a clip of my city, Darwin. It is not the absolute latest, or professionally made for television. But it is well made and rather close to cinema quality. You will notice it is made by a young person and all that goes with that. Darwin is a popular destination for young backpackers too.

I live in the central city area near the rainforest, parks, beaches, cliffs, and tourist attractions. I can see Crocosaurus Cove from my verandah. This is where the girls are swimming in a perspex enclosure while crocs swim in the same tank. Yes, they really are man-eaters and unpredictable. Yes, the experience is actually scary even though there is a level of safety.

I hope this is a little different from where you live. No jeans and coats!!

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