Sunday, 18 May 2014

Beautiful tropical morning

This morning was gorgeous. Sunny but not hot. Clear. A light breeze. Quiet. Just perfect for a walk along the beach.

Shade. Quiet. Soft sand. Palms. Clear water. Shells. Driftwood. Tropical. Sailboats sliding across the blue. Like a dream come true.

The tide was very high and we paddled at the edge of the water. I picked up some huge barnacle-encrusted oyster shells. A distance along the beach were fishermen.

What do you think that is darling? Something was travelling along in a straight line about 20 metres out from the water's edge. Not a dolphin. Not a turtle. Not a fish. Oh, yes, it's a crocodile. Was it small? Well, no.

I guess the crocodile was enjoying the lovely morning too.

One fisherman watched him as well. Packed up his net and left. The other fishermen were a little foolish and stayed. A dog came down to the water to play, bringing his owner and a ball. Crocs really like dog meat. I did not want to watch. We left.

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