Sunday, 11 May 2014

Happy Mothers Day


It's a beautiful day. It's Mothers Day.

Pink pyjamas
Camilla and I did the 4km walk this morning with thousands of others in a sea of pink.

Muscles and a pink dress
Gotta admire men in pink dresses raising money for a good cause. Pink pyjamas. Pink tutus. Pink wigs. Pink shirts. The list could fill a page.

There were all the usual speeches before the start. Then between each race we were led in an aerobics session by excellent instructors. So much fun.

Afterwards Camilla produced a lovely breakfast, complete with her best retro plates and cups.

She did very well considering she rode her bike 15km to do all this with her mother. We were there well before dawn.

May you all have a wonderful day. May you remember not only your mother but also some of the other people who have been like a mother to you.

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