Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Mature age and studying

I wonder if studying as a mature age student is considered recreation.
This year I am attempting some university study again. Only part time so I can still run my tutoring business. I transferred some clients to make room in my schedule.
Should be easy, because of all the previous courses I have done. It isn't. I am in deep water. Or swimming upstream. Or out of my depth. Or in over my head.

The other students in the class all seem to be really clever. Some are full time students from Asian countries. One woman has left her baby twins at home with her husband so she can do this course. She will miss their first birthday. Such motivation to create a better future for herself and in the long term for her family just amazes me. These Asian students have all made a big commitment and really must be successful or their family's effort will be wasted.

The class is in two parts, online and in person. I go on Friday mornings to hear the lectures and get any extra help. I listen carefully and think I understand but later find I missed the important bits. So I read. But I still feel that learning this material and the strategies is too difficult. Perhaps this is the Peter Principle - the one where we stop rising when we reach the level where we are incompetent. I hate that word 'challenge' some people use at this point.

Three assignments due. Very poorly done at this stage. Will be working hard at them of course. Must not let myself down by doing nothing.

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