Friday, 2 May 2014

Old Favourite
I grow older and I recall enjoyable times past. (What a thing to say! As if anyone grows younger and remembers things! Is that tautology? Stupidity?)

As a young teenager I quite liked Elvis Presley. Then times changed, quickly. The Beatles came along. The Rolling Stones. A different style of entertainment. No-one listened to Elvis any more, well no-one I knew.

Somewhere along the line I saw a few Elvis movies and concerts on TV. My sister even had some Elvis LPs and a record player. I particularly remember the ending of the film Love Me Tender. Very moving.

One day recently I found a recording on Youtube of dear old Elvis singing this song from the film. And there close by was another recording of him as a mature entertainer singing the same song. The boy. The man. And I realised that he was actually very good at his job, very good.

An old favourite of mine- The young Elvis Presley

Have a look on Youtube for something you like.

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