Friday, 23 May 2014

Student protests

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I have seen on the news that students, particularly university students, in some Australian cities have been demonstrating to express their discontent about the budget put forward by Joe Hockey, the Treasurer. They seem to think that this behaviour will cause changes to happen. They seem to think that shouting, damaging property, and assaulting people will convince the government to change its plans. I agree that we all have a right to express our opinions on this matter. I completely disagree with the violent actions of some of these protestors. These students have an easy life compared to many in this country.

Life would be wonderful if university education was free. Life would be wonderful if everyone could be paid a huge pension by the government and do no work. Life would be wonderful if all the grass was green and the weather was always perfect. Life would be wonderful if we were always happy.

But that is not reality. There is no bottomless pit of money to give everyone a magical lifestyle. Or a bottomless pit of happiness. Nothing is ever free. Socialism is a wonderful ideal and I truly believe that we as a country should help those in dire circumstances or unable to help themselves. I also believe very strongly in the benefits of education.

I am sufficiently realistic to know that money means something. It can not legitimately be printed without the resources to give it value. The government can not give away money it does not have, when the country carries a huge financial debt. I do not want my country to go down the path I have seen for Greece and other European countries.

I deplore the actions of the demonstrating students. I think they should formulate an alternative plan and present that to the treasurer. These university students are being greedy when others are in real need.

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