Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Wedding anniversary

Today is our wedding anniversary. 38 years.

Married life suits me. It is safe to assume it also suits my husband.

What is our secret? I think it is because we can live together harmoniously. We like the same foods, colours, music, films, books, plants, adventures, people, and places. All these things combine to help us love each other.

Do we lose our patience with each other? Argue? Of course. We are human. That is what people do who are in close contact for long periods of time. That's nothing remarkable.

Before we married we discussed whether we would ever divorce. We decided that if that option was on the cards then the marriage was not. We solve our problems.

Is it an arranged marriage? No. We married only a few weeks after meeting and met the families months later.

Did family members attend the wedding? No, because it was too far for them to travel and there was nowhere for them to stay.

Have we encouraged our children to marry? They can if they want to, but they do not have to. It may not suit them. They must make that decision themselves.

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