Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Last assignment is finished

This was me for weeks.
Head down, thinking, thinking.
I have been busy getting my last assignment completed for my university course. It's marked already. Not as good a result as I had hoped but I have passed the semester. I admit I am completely exhausted by the frantic effort.

A few things went wrong; but that is often how we learn. OK. I admit it. I ranted and raved about problems I had during the semester. Somebody else, probably the Professor I complained to, found some of this was warranted. Problems are now fixed. Even problems I thought were completely my own stupidity. Good result all round. Looking forward to studying more next semester. The Professor is fantastic.

I can not believe how hard I worked on the last two assignments. Absolutely nothing much else was happening around here but study.

My husband is also a student at the same uni and he also had assignments to complete. We just encouraged each other and focussed hard. Yes, frozen pies were eaten for dinner sometimes, but with real vegies. Meat pies and tomato sauce are good Aussie food. Traditional, in fact.

Flopping around exhausted. Thinking about sewing. Thinking about exercising. Thinking about cleaning. Only thinking, not doing yet.

I admit I have absolutely no idea where these pictures come from. I am very impressed by them both and they have kept my spirits high this semester.  The Keep Calm probably comes from HERE. The owl looks Disney-ish.

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