Thursday, 26 June 2014

Lucky find

I took some old clothes down to the op shop. Naturally, I had to be polite and look around. It is all for charity and even one purchase might make a difference. What a lucky find!! A pretty little vase.

 The vase is about 10cm tall and seems brand new. The mark on the bottom tells me it was a well-considered gift. Probably given with lots of love. The maker is Aynsley and the design is Pembroke. It is a modern reproduction of an eighteenth century design.

Aynsley bone china comes from Staffordshire in England and the business was established in 1775. In 1861 they started producing the bone china wares that we know today. Here is a link to their website for a little dreaming. Here is another link which explains a little more why this china is valued.

I saw the same vase for sale on ebay for nine pounds. Now I am wondering why this vase was sent to the op shop. Perhaps someone is downsizing so they can move to an apartment. Perhaps someone died and no-one wanted this rather old-fashioned style of vase. Perhaps a marriage broke up and possessions were discarded. Perhaps it was associated with bad memories. Perhaps someone just did not like it. Now though it is in a happy home and can live a long and joyous life. And the charity is happy as well. At the moment the vase holds some dainty yellow orchids. Very pretty.

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