Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Wise owl card

My husband had yet another birthday this week. I stitched this card for the wise owl in my life. It was really easy, but looks terrific.

I used two shades of brown but this design would look much better in contrasting colours. Some talented person could add beads.
Another talented person could tape a stick on the back to create a puppet.

Here is the link to the free downloadable pattern from Mr Printables.

Yes, I know it says this is for children, but sewing is just sewing no matter what age people are. No fancy equipment required.
Print the pdf onto light card. Cut out the motif roughly and with a big border. Jab holes with a pin. Thread the needle and tie a big fat knot that will not go through the holes. Sew. If you can not make a knot with the ends at the back, stick down the loose ends with sticky tape. Trim the outline. Do something with it, like make a card or puppet or crown or bookmark.

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