Thursday, 3 July 2014


I am on holidays in Amsterdam.
Unbelievable indeed.
We flew from Darwin to Kuala Lumpur, had a day there and then flew to Amsterdam.

Kuala Lumpur was just lovely. This was new for us both. The plane got in quite early in the morning and we had a hotel room to use for the day before our late night flight. Beautiful hotel with tennis courts, football, volleyball, fabulous pool, a spa with all the trimmings, and the list could go on and on. We took a tour on one of those hop-on-hop-off buses and hopped off to see incredible shops. Hermes. Chanel. Louis Vuitton. etc.

Amsterdam is just a bit cooler than I was expecting it to be. OK, lots cooler. Neat. Clean. Interesting. We toured some canals. The Van Gogh Museum was wonderful. So was the Maritime Museum.  We have been to lots of interesting places. This is the world of the cyclist commuter. Here is a photo of my husband on the steps of the Science Centre. Actually, this is part of the roof.

Now we are cruising along the Rhine to Budapest. A very jolly holiday is before us.

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