Wednesday, 30 July 2014


It is Eid al-Fitr as I am sure you know. This means that the fasting through Ramadan is over,
people visit their families, and there are celebrations in the community. Apparently in some countries this is celebrated on just one day, but here it seems to be a mighty three days. There are special prayers and ceremonies.

We have one large mosque here in Darwin and on Fridays it is common to see men in their white clothes after they have visited for prayers. They also have a big hall for community events. I admit I do not know very much about the system or practices but everything seems to run pretty smoothly around here. The Islamic Society of Darwin runs a Weekend School which educates their children in the religion, rather like Sunday School.You can see some photos at this site:  and

My husband has been trying to learn Indonesian for years and years. He now has a tutor who comes to our home and gives him personalised instruction once a week. Pak Ewan is a really nice person and a very devout Muslim. He interrupts his lesson to pray. This suits my husband quite well as Michael was educated in Roman Catholic schools. Lots of praying there too. So Ewan has travelled home to Indonesia for a while to be with his family at this important time.

If your community is a little plainer than mine, you might find this interesting. It is worthwhile finding out a bit more, because lately we are hearing horrible stories on the News about Muslim people. Not everyone is like that. People are people.

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