Monday, 18 August 2014

A Christmas quilt - and a rant about copyright

Time to get cracking on those big Christmas sewing projects. Whaaaaa! This is not a one-night project.
Reindeer Wishes

I read a blog called The House on the Side of the Hill, written by Melody.
In her latest post Melody gives a link to another blog called Petals and Patches, written by Leanne.

If you scroll down to Leanne's April post you will see a photo of a really simple but very appealing Christmas quilt called Reindeer Wishes. It is described as a wall hanging but I think it would be charming as a cot quilt or on the back of a settee. If the family is neat and clean this would be a wonderful tablecloth for Christmas celebrations.

At the fabric shops here (two shops for 100 000 people!!) the Christmas fabrics are taking pride of place lately. Now is the hour!

The pattern is available from The Patchwork Tea House, and apparently a few other shops too.  This design is the intellectual property of the designer or the company who has bought it.

It would be easy to adapt some of the squares to suit the family. I would be inclined to change the fabrics according to what I have or can easily find. The embroidered squares are reasonably simple, a circle with three tiny leaf groups and a large word inside. The large drawing in the middle is charming in a naive country style. I think my preference would be to do the embroidery in blue but that could change.

There are lots of Christmas quilt designs on Google images. If you want to make something you see, then buy the pattern. Once you have bought the pattern you are permitted to make any changes you wish and usually to make the quilt as many times as you wish.
When I worked in schools I saw people really push the boundaries concerning copyright. If it is not your brain-work, do not pretend it is. If it is yours then you deserve credit for that. No-one should steal the product of your intellect. You are free to sell the copyright of your work, even give it away. The new owner can resell the copyright too. There are some things that do not have copyright or patents and some countries do not recognise copyright at all. Copyright expires after a certain length of time, but may be renewed.

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