Saturday, 16 August 2014

Almost free DVDs

My local newspaper, the NT News, has been running a wonderful program this week. Actually, I think it is running through all the newspapers in Australia that are part of the News Limited group.

On Sunday when I bought the paper it came with a free DVD and a huge case. For just $2.50 each day I am collecting, and watching (watching when I should be doing something else) the set of 14 programs about animals. It is marvellous. I am having a wonderful time. Some of the segments are definitely not all that new, but the film makers' skills and the narration are so good that they are unlikely to become outdated.

My favourite so far has been about insects and the life in the undergrowth. Oh, I know I should be doing some serious study instead. Those assignments are looming.

OK. OK. the cost is not all that cheap when you consider that there are 14 discs and each one costs a few dollars, more or less. Would I normally buy these? Actually yes. I do have some of this material already, but to have it all together is very nice indeed.

I hope some of you are having as much fun as I am lately.

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