Monday, 11 August 2014


Some of my friends are grandmothers. I am not. But I do notice how incredibly proud they are of their grandchildren. It seems a bit strange to me, because that does not reflect the relationships I had with my grandparents at all. But times change and the way we relate to people changes.

Anyway I recently found this photo on facebook and sent it to one of my friends. She was really happy about that so I thought I would share it more widely. It is very nicely composed with an excellent arrangement of initial consonants. This makes it pleasing to say. When you read it you will also notice that the rhythm is very musical - the three syllable words at the beginning and end create the sense of a short song.

This is not my photo and I have no idea who owns it, so I can not use it in a way that earns money and I can not claim it as my work. That would be a breach of copyright.

There are lots of lovely grandmother sayings on the internet and on Google images.

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