Monday, 29 September 2014

So old, so special

Once the colour was a strong blue, and the border was yellow.
Today I discarded a treasure I have owned for most of my life.
Yes, when I was about 8 years old my sister and I were given cotton scarves for Christmas. Mine was blue and hers was red. That's 55 years, almost. Maybe they were called kerchiefs; maybe. The style that was fashionable at the time, as I remember 50s films and magasines, was for the scarf to be tied at the neck with the knot slightly to the side at the front.

I have taken my scarf with me as I moved from home to hostel to flats to houses, from town to town. Always folded the same way. Occasionally it was worn, but not often. Now it is ragged at the corners and speckled with age marks. The colours have faded through washing and time. We have so much in common.

Today it was worn for the last time to protect my hair as I dusted fans and so forth.
But into the bin.
I wonder if anyone else has kept such a simple item from their childhood for so long. And I wondered how you felt when it simply had to go.

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