Saturday, 18 October 2014

Words to invite a smile

As soon as I saw this I smiled.

Very enjoyable.

In fact I could almost curl up in the feeble position or else ask for an expresso. It must be the old timer's disease.

Oh no! We should nip that in the butt!

You can find more silly nonsense, and some good advice too, at

Monday, 13 October 2014


Just enough for two.
Tasmanian smoked salmon and real champagne.
When I saw the accountant for my income tax this year she indicated that I would receive a tax refund. And I did!!!!! Whoopee!!! We celebrated. Champagne and smoked salmon for breakfast. With a few other little treats.

I live on my superannuation and my husband's super. (Share and share alike around here.) And a tiny bit from tutoring. Not a big income but my needs are small. I do not have a Healthcare card or receive any Centrelink benefits whatsoever. No university scholarship. A totally self-funded retiree.
But, and this is a huge but, I pay tax on every cent that comes my way.
Some people's super pension is tax-free, but not mine or my husband's. I play according to the rules and pay tax on my tutoring income too. I swear, it feels like my taxes are supporting the entire nation at times. Yes, I realise it is not true; it just feels like it.

Oh, that real champagne tasted good. Thank you to the tax man.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Different tunes

The world would be a tragic place if we were all the same.

Imagine it. A world where all the families lived in houses and nobody lived in a caravan or tent or hut or just in the open. A world where we all wore similar clothes, perhaps even the same colours. A world where we all ate the same foods. A world where we all played the same music.

Blah! No new thoughts. Nobody would ever invent anything new. No new ideas. No poetry. No books. Nothing new.

I admit I am conservative. I do not like changes. I value things that work already for me. I drink from a cup and saucer because it gives me a certain feeling of connection to my heritage. Sometimes I drink from a mug, but not from a dipper, and never again from one of those cups with a hole in the lid. Conservative.

I use Facebook. I connect with just a few real friends and family that way. I also use it to learn about things happening in other parts of the world. New ideas, or at least new to me.

Today I was delighted to see these images from Bored Panda on Facebook. The artist is from Brazil I think.

I found the casual sex poster a bit confronting at first. Then I realised that what I dislike is not casual sex but irresponsibility towards sexual health. Personally I do not play the casual sex sport, but I know others do.
Marriage and childlessness - these do not bother me at all.
Sexual preferences has definite limitations in my mind, But the poster helped me clarify what those limits are.
Clothing - challenging. I do not like to see people wearing clothes that are not fit for the job. I do not feel comfortable seeing pregnant women in tight stretchy dresses. The bodies of the elderly do not look like the bodies of the young and I need to face that part of reality. But as for insulting people about the way they look! That is nasty indeed!

I wonder what others feel when they see these posters.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Study, study more

I am not much company lately as I have rather a lot of study to get through. My last assignment was reasonable, but I want the next one to be lots better. Hmmm.

But some things are looking so much brighter because I have to work hard. My husband loves to be studying. He is good at it. Lately he has noticed that I actually need a bit of time and encouragement to make the necessary progress. So. Little things. Things he never did before. Very caring and sweet.